Bug #496

Database error when installing from scratch

Added by Mr Tip about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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If you install from last git sources and follow, you have no web interface and many mysql errors like "table not found: 50btc".

My understanding is that "grunt install" create "generated/components" folder and then use this folder to create sql tables. Disabled elements are not created in sql but somehow these tables are still needed in code.

My workaround for most sql errors:
- remove disabled elements in "generated/components/Accounts.php::getDisabled()" and "generated/components/Exchanges.php::getDisabled()"
- perform "grunt install"
- disable again the elements

Last obvious sql error remaining : "php -f /opt/openclerk/batch/batch_external.php" returns "table exchanges doesn't exist".

Hope this helps.


#1 Updated by Jevon Wright about 3 years ago

Have you also installed the pending migrations? ("Visit the Admin Migrations page to complete installing the database migrations (new as of 0.31).")

You can also install migrations with `core/install.php`.

It might be that there are some tables that aren't being created correctly, it's been a while since I've set up the project from scratch. This should be fixed if we can add a travis-ci build - #497.

#2 Updated by Mr Tip about 3 years ago

I have called core/install.php. I could not visit the Admin Migrations page because there was no web interface showing, only sql error.

Sql errors (like "table not found: 50btc") are related to disabled elements found in generated/components.

If I UNdisable these elements (If I remove then from the array in getDisabled), and then install the pending migrations, sql errors disappear and the web interface shows up.

I think you do not see it on your server because you still have these useless tables in database. Rename a table you don't use anymore (i.e. 50btc), and try to log in. You should see the sql error.

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